Here is a page with comparative results between C61f 5X firmware and 0W01 6X. If not bought a 6X drive and save money. It now support the Hitachi GD A is also available at hitachi tech support here. Of course with the appropriate crack DVDgenie and remote selector. A patch for firmware 0. After some test the final patched version RPC-1 1.

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Drive manufactured after february have the new 2.

Read carefully the installation notes of your firmware before you upgrade. Added older firmware 1. Fit for new hardware design. If you try, please send me your results! This patch do not make the dv-4008e RPC-1 but viewing of movies from all 8 regions is enabled. List of changes here in french.

Afreey DD-4008E Free Driver Download

The utility actually support the GD and GD models with all firmware versions. Added firmware for the Combo drives: These firmware are probably RPC2.


It’s why the utility refused to flash the drive hoppefully. Added firmware for the Toshiba SD-M RPC-2 with firmware 1. Please let me know if you have success or not. In yellow are the drives that are suspected of being multi-region.

Read the message he send me about this release. If you want to patch your drive, you have to flash the drive on a PC. But hoppefully is back here. They also work with the Compaq GD and make the drive dvrom free.

Afreey DDE Free Driver Download for OS/2 () –

It’s a minor update. The following problems are fixed: I actually don’t know exactly what is the difference between 1. To be installed correctly, a drive region code must be selected before using the patched 5X32 firmware. XVI patched a new bunch of Panasonic firmware.

A RPC-1 utility is available. The discussion forum is back online!!!

Pulsing sound through the speakers and slow explorer when opened without disk in the DVD-drive. The following are three lists, in green are drives that aafreey known to be multi-region. RPC-2 More infos here.


It’s my Xmas present!!!

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No need to reboot! This is at your own risk!!!! I heard the latest firmware for the Ricoh MPA 1. Just make a look. However, not all titles are transferred, while others are modified afrdey lose some of the perks that the original Region 1 title had.

This single utility is enough to region-free or region-lock the drive. After the flash the the drive will be reported as Matshita SR