An abundant selection of USB2. Such frugality makes the prospect of constructing an affordable well equipped computer, a remarkably easy endeavor. Since all the latest processors are on socket AM2 now, DDR-2 memory has become equally as affordable as its demand has ballooned. Aggressive pricing of processors is just one of the tactics being used to win consumers over to the K8 platform, but realistically it’s just a really nice deal. Hard drives are supported via four 3.

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Perhaps most surprisingly, the integrated Geforce 6-series graphics are relatively good too.

The location of the floppy drive connector isn’t the best, but in a compact PC case this shouldn’t pose much of a km51pv-xm2. List all Albatron heat sinks that Frostytech tested? Perfect for HTPC builders!

Albatron KM51PV-AM2 PCSTATS Review – nVidia Geforce on AM2

The low profile passive heatsinks are designed to take advantage km51pv-an2 CPU airflow to keep the chipsets cool. Such is life in the tech world. In particular, there are quite a few motherboards with chipsets that km51v-am2 down right cheap. Little tiny all-in-one chips help make compact microATX km51pv-a2m a reality, and inexpensive compact computers a result.

The nVIDIA GeForce is the best of the bunch when it comes to integrated graphics chipsets for the AMD Athlon 64 platform, and it integrates video, TV-output, multi channel audio, and network connectivity into one little tiny chip. The tricky part is that videocards are like cars, you can spend an utter fortune to go a little bit faster than everyone else, or you can save a sheer fortune and go nearly as quick on most roads.

Websites you may also like: Graphics cards is the one component you can’t do without because it takes what is happening on the computer and translates it into data a CRT monitor or LCD display will understand – the good ones will even allow you to output video to a standard TV or Akbatron The nVidia GeForce Northbridge and nForce Southbridge are cooled passively, and connected by a heatpipe that connects the two together.


What a speedy MicroATX motherboard! The data pins for the parallel port have been relegated km51pg-am2 a space next to the floppy disk drive connector, and with a bracket that fits into a free PCI bracket printers of this type can be installed. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

AddOn – KM51PV-AM2

There are six USB2. Those that screw into the rear PCB support frame of the old two-post series are no longer useable with the four-post style brought into play km51pv-ma2 socket AM2.

The header for a parallel printer connector is located next to the FDD connector. It’s not the CPU so much as it is the chipsets being released by companies like nVidia for K8 motherboards.

As the GeForce name indicates, the Geforce chipset is more graphics card than it is motherboard core logic.

Gamers in particular, find integrated graphics about as constricting as an lb python. Albatron colour coordinates the memory channels so you know which ones to fill to enable dual channel memory support. Please notice how close the DIMM slots are to the CPU socket, larger heatsinks can potentially interfere with memory modules so bear that in mind when selecting a thermal solution. In case you’re wondering, the DVI or analog output does not change gaming or video output performance and CPU usage and benchmarks stay the same no matter which output is chosen.

And naturally, if the onboard videocard proves too restricting a PCI Express x16 videocard can just as quickly be installed. Current students and faculty of accredited Universities may use Frostytech images in research papers and thesis, provided each image is attributed. Since all the latest processors are on socket AM2 now, DDR-2 memory has become equally as affordable as its demand has ballooned. Small and powerful, a Home Theatre PC HTPC combines the usefulness of a computer with the raw movie-watching capabilities of a full entertainment center.


It fulfills each role well, and will even accomodates both DVI and analog monitors much like a standalone videocard does. This has led to a sight trade off in terms of connectivity, and you’ll notice the parallel printer port is absent from the KM51PV-AM2 motherboard.

Albatron KM51PV-AM2 With new AMD AM2 Socket Doubles Memory Bandwidth

km51pv-amm2 Because the analog output is raised off the PCB, the plastic backing is a little weak so use caution when plugging in analog devices. The computer industry thrives off of the masses, those of us driving in the inexpensive cars at a reasonable speed, but it’s the crazy drivers speeding down the highway at breakneck rates that get all the press. At the moment, computers built upon the AMD Athlon64 architecture offer the best set of options and video output features that those building a HTPC crave.

Aggressive pricing of processors is just one of albaton tactics being used to win consumers over to the K8 platform, but realistically it’s just a really nice deal.