I think it is a disgrace to the award to be able to make up email addresses and vote more than once. They did a wonderful job raising Jimmie, Jarit, and Jessie. We won’t have to vote Robby into the all-star when he wins the After hearing all of this, it just makes me wonder. The listeners were amazed that was happening. If they change this format, I will pull my support. Mike Kenyon replied to Got desert?

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Once it moved from Nascar. This site uses cookies. Lets at least get Robby in the top Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Hubby is going to register and vote, too.

Chex most popular driver

We won’t have to vote Robby into the all-star when he wins nzscar POS is one of them. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator.

No one will vote knowing the Jr Nation vote much more than once a day. This is just my opinion. I only buy it because they sponsor this award, I can easily find me another cereal chfx eat, that I like just as much.


I think 7 or 8 out of that top 10 are locks but there is hope. My guess is that if fans could only vote once a season booooor once a month, Dale Jr would still win. In fact, some of us were fairly concerned that we were doing enough to show our support and wanted to do more. The MPD Award is very prestigous and means a great deal to us as Jr fans, that we have been able to win it for him the last 5 years running.

The vote count will be reset to ZERO for these remaining 10 drivers.

Leave it alone…the people who want to vote already do. They did a wonderful job raising Jimmie, Jarit, and Jessie.

Chex most popular driver – Planet Robby

I am a faithful MPD voter, and I vote every day. Anything is possible with enough effort. If I can get cramps in my fingers from voting for Robby for the All Star race, I can vote once a day for the Chex thingy. The one his so called Nation votes for him.

Thanks to you for listening and thanks to Chex for asking!

These are going to be hard poplar times and people will watch what they spend their dollars on. I voted several times for Sadler and know many who did the same. Dale Jr after all the stuff the man has been through over the past several years has deserved receiving the award.


Just a couple thoughts.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. accepts the Chex Most Popular Driver Award

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Some folks cheer the car and what it represents and not the driver. PS Love your show. At least Bill Elliot had the grace to take himself out of the running after dominating that award for years.

What I would do would not be what they want as they would get less hits on the site and probably not possible. Let them change it to whatever format they want because it does not matter…Jr Nation will come out on top. I brought this topic up on air and found that it was really a hot one! I will not buy their product if they do this.

Yes it should be.