I have not tried an XP build in a VM for a very long time. Any kind of respond would be greatly appreciated. And it turn out XP installation recognize my second hard disk and the setup all went welllllllllll………: You have to find the modern AHCI drivers and slipstream them in. The deadline for OEM partners also ceased not long after.

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April 1, at The update was originally available here cyipset Microsoft pulled the update file. January 3, at January 7, at The brightness is also locked at maximum so be wary about straining your eyes if you are using a laptop. March 12, at This laptop does not have a RJ45 ethernet adapter.

No license, no installation as simple as that. Soon after I tried and it turns out all is working well no problem in the XP installation processI will try to follow your next suggestion the EasyBCD things.

Driver download

Ya the device is not supported by XP. But where is the fun in that?


October 31, at NET frameworks chi;set come with Windows Updates will also be useful. November 3, at On top of his steps I usually wincp this list of non-exhaustive steps also: It would be easier if you search by the hardware ID which can be obtained from Device manager.

Somebody has modded his own universal AHCI drivers with support for the newer chipsets. The laptop manufacturer Lenovo might have made some customisation to the hardware which is less likely for a desktop motherboard.

Now, within Win7 I can not do this at all. This makes no difference in failure. Nevertheless, I found someone has made an unofficial Service Pack 4! Contrast this with the complete reference installation on Windows 7 Step 7: You have to be prepared that you might not be able to locate XP drivers at all.

Assuming that I succeed installing the XP to my second hard disk, do you know if it is possible or not to choose the OS via Bios Setting? Here is my recommended list whose latest versions still support Windows XP as of time of writing. Future Windows setups will no longer have this blue background with white text theme.


So it is better to let GParted handle the partition creation. It might be better to disconnect your Win7 hard disk during the XP installation process as the XP installer might corrupt the Win 7 bootloader.

The problem

I took many steps and trial-and-errors to finally get WinXP on the system. Turns out things are not so easy to put WinXP on modern hardware. May 5, at You should still check if your hard drive model is using the Advanced-Format 4K drive].

Look at the mass of missing drivers man.

Sony Vaio VGN-SZ3XP/C Windows XP Clean Install

Also please forgive me for my broken English. Before running the installer set the “Wireless” slide switch on the Vaio to on. And we are almost done!