Avid’s older hardware, as far as I know, never officially supported third-party software. I have ever used. He said something along the lines of why would you not have it? Send a private message to Steve Let me know if this helps or not Now, like I said, I had all the same issues as you.

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I noticed that the installer put the default VST plugin folder inside the Session drummer folder for some reason. Shame on both companies for not letting thier customers know about this issue That is their limitation and not ours.

I have the Digi blocked in Sonar so it doesn’t even see those drivers. I use a rack with reaper as well both xp and win7 x64 and it works great.

I guess you could say Avid is listening to ssio customers by adding ADC to PT9, but its a ‘feature’ we’ve had for almost two decades. It will end all your issues, I assure you. One key is not to power on the digi rack until the computer is fully booted. But seriously, grab a soundcard and drop it in. I downloaded all the files which took forever and ran the installer and that was it.


Their hardware has always been designed to run first and foremost with Pro Tools. Do you get the FW driver in the Asio driver list? Shouldn’t Cakewalk notify the potential customer that there are certain interfaces that may not work with diyi software?

Digi and Drivers

Must be something simple I’m missing, but I’m lost. I wonder if that’s because they’re losing ground. Reaper and protools should co-exist with no problems I think this one falls more on digidesign than cakewalk. To the english professor that commeted about my lack of paragraphs, sorry Los Angeles, CA Status: The number of available interfaces far outweighs the number of avalable DAWs.

There are many different soundcards out there that work just fine with X Still the same issue – when I go to the input and output parameters, there is nothing there. Sadly, there is nothing we can do about Avid’s driver support for their hardware.

Problem with SONAR and AVID hardware. | Cakewalk Forums

I ended up with two Dimension Synths, one worked and the other had no audio output. I can’t blame sonar, I know that much. BTW, I doubt they told you that their audio interfaces don’t work well with third-party software when you bought it.


It’s not cakes job to update digidesigns drivers. I’m sorry to hear about your frustrations, Tdawgg. I have seen people complaining about the not playing nice with a few other daw’s lately also.

Problem with SONAR and AVID hardware.

I had to wipe and reinstall the graphics drivers on three computers after that waste of time, just to get them functional again. I understand about the Digi hardware and driver thing, but raci point was this: One thing you need to know about is that when you change the sample-rate same place as before under ‘Asio configuration’ you won’t be able to close the window If it requires something that Blue-screens the computer, it is wsio.

Danny Danzi Moderator Total Posts: Third-party software support has always been on the back burner for them.