If your local retailer will not exchange any unopened cartridges you have, you can mail them to Epson, along with a reference number for your call to tech support, for an exchange. Called Epson and after troubleshooting and having done everything they said already, they shipped me out a CX They even give you brand new epson ink!!! Well, CS tried to do another ink head cleaning – amazing – another blank page! Agree with many of the above that the product is a dud but the company is standing behind it and doing the right thing.

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I had used some off brand of ink that I think I had purchased at Costco – not realizing that it was not Epson ink.

My Epson CX4600 prints blank pages

Also learned that the new model takes different cartridges than the Some customer after sales service! Apr 21, Messages: They were slightly ambiguous though.

Spoke to the ‘guy’ on the phone quite a while and they seemed to think this was an acceptable solution! There is a section of plastic on the left rear corner that is removable kind of tricky to remove.

Luckily today I saw a thread elsewhere that mentioned that epson had re-engineered?

I thought, but did not say, that these posts are like seeing a roach in the kitchen In reading the foregoing thread, I find that the problems are not only common, but continuous for over a year in time and have reached the following conculsions: A CX was delivered today with a set of new ink cartridges.


Join our site today to ask your question. I now plan to buy an inexpensive printer and use it as a printer and purchase a scanner and use it as a scanner.

I dont know what to do! Do you still try to fix it yourself?

My Epson CX prints blank pages | FixYourOwnPrinter

cd4600 I’ll be getting another “new” CX only this time they want the other printer back so I had to give them my credit card number in case I don’t send it back.

And I never had any trouble in the 5 plus year I had it.

They are sending me a new printer, and they are not requiring me to send my CX back. Epson is sending me a CX My former computer was a PC running windows 95 and cx4060 HP deskjet.

Go to the nearest computer store and buy a new Eepson, take it home and unpack it, move the ink from the non-functional printer to the new printer and keep the starter cartridges for your trouble, then return the non-functional printer with the packaging from the new printer you just purchased.

In the meantime I am out the cost of the new cartidges which makes me mad!


Epson Stylus CX4600 Won’t Print

Here are some tips to get the most out of your dollar: I just bought alll new ink, and the crazy printer is still not working. I bet they would at least offer to let you exchange them.

We could apply for c tax exempt status, receive generous donations from Epson, and tell our clients to “keep coming back All be forwared, this NEW looks to be ccx4600 same crap is. Think of the possibilities! I told him my next printer would not be a Epson.

I want to check and clean the waste tube. I made the mistake of thinking I was dealing wpson a reputable company. But when the package arrived Wednesday less than one week latera note inside indicated that the CX was no longer available, so I was sent an upgrade, the CX model, instead.

Often cleaning them several times.

Epson Stylus CX review: Epson Stylus CX – CNET

I too have joined the club. They are sending me instructions and a label in the mail to get it repaired for free.

There are a lot of people with these problems.