Other public health Query! Prolonged infection can delay the development of mental and motor skills in infants and temporarily impair the ability of school-age children to understand and learn. Bladder cancers mostly affect people over 50 years old, and affect more men than women. There are about million cases of malaria worldwide each year and it causes 9. In a bad infection there are 20 or more worms passed in their faeces each time a person goes to toilet. High to Low By Popularity. Unipolar depressive disorders depression or melancholia are mental illnesses that affect your mood, but always to make it low and cause depression.

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This type of TB starts in the gut and often affects the bones and joints, but TB can take hold almost anywhere. In a panic attack there is sudden overwhelming anxiety often accompanied with difficulty in breathing, sweating and palpitations. Inflammation of the heart muscle can cause permanent damage to the heart and sometimes death. Often the cause 20522 not known.

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In old age the macula can become damaged senile macular degeneration. Developed countries group ADeveloping low mortality countries groups B and C and Developing high mortality countries groups D and E. Public Health 0 0 Query! Worldmapper deaths Mapimmunisation Map Small or low birthweight babies weigh below about grammes at birth.


Unipolar depressive disorders depression or melancholia are mental illnesses that affect your mood, but always to make it low and cause depression. A vaccine against the effects of diphtheria toxin was developed inand the disease has been virtually eliminated from Europe and North America where it used to be common. If not fatal to the mother, she can be left with incontinence of faeces due to a hole between vagina and rectum rectovaginal fistulaor incontinence of urine from a hole between the bladder and vagina.


They are more common in people with poor diets hafit high alcohol and tobacco havi, especially men. Cancer of any of havvit endocrine glands is not included, but come in Malignant neoplasms U Map and the relevant sections of that class.

Another cause is having recurrent small strokes multi-infarct dementia which stop small areas of the brain functioning due to lack of blood.

However local anxieties about the use of the vaccine may make it difficult to eradicate completely. Europe PMC requires Javascript to function effectively. Non-nematode worm infections are not included here. Endocrine and other disorders includes some disorders of the endocrine glands but not diabetes mellitus, obesity and other excess intake disorders, 20052 disorders of the blood, certain havi involving the immune system and metabolic disorders.

Other sense organ disorders is a residual category of all the conditions that are included in Sense organ diseases U Mapbut are not included in any of the 4 sub-categories, U to U Trichuriasis is an intestinal infections caused by whipworms.


Worldmapper Archive: The world as you’ve never seen it before

Global Burden of Disease ahvit not give specific data for this residual category inand the figures were calculated from the data for the other categories. In elderly men it can be harmless. Leishmaniasis is an infection with microscopic single celled animals flagellate protozoa of the genus Leishmania. Death is more likely in children than in adults. Untreated, this disease can cause massive swelling of the legs called elephantiasis because the leg of habit affected person can resemble an elephant’s leg.

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There are about million cases of malaria worldwide each year and it causes 9. Moderate or greater hearing loss: Some categories, called residual categories, consist of all habit conditions included in a group, class or section which are not in any specific category within it. This occurred with smallpox; one of the world’s most dreaded diseases. The few people recorded as having malaria in those territories caught it elsewhere.

If not treated promptly it can also cause infertility. Inflammation within the kidneys various forms of glomerulonephritis can lead to kidney failure.

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