The outputs of this register controls the Inhibit Circuitry which either allows or prevents core storage as determined by the state of the corresponding In- hibit register flip -flop. With typical operation of the program, a incrementing sequence from 1, g to approximately 3, g will be observed in the Address Register display. The function of the latching net- work 2 Schmitts and 1 flip-flop just described is to verify that the Key Seen flip-flop is set once and only once for each Console switch actuation. OVERLAP Arithmetic and logical class instructions are being executed out of read-only memory and the processor is overlapping the execu- tion of one with the fetching of the next. However a re- striction is placed on the manner of selection. The ultimate aim is to effectively pinpoint the actual problem using all information available. The Exerciser diagnostic program checks the entire instruction repertoire and all memory loca- tions associated with that particular processor system.

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Under these conditions there is no top level assembly number available to define any one system configuration. The X multiplexor is divided again into two sections, defined as left and right.

Suggested Items that should be included are as fol- lows: Power Supply Plug Connections hi i cn ;:: Without this network, a Console switch released very slowly or not released at all, would appear to be multiple switch actuations to the Key Start logic. The Super – nova contains four hardware accumulators which are used for data storage and manipulation during the execution of all arithmetic and logic class ALC instructions.

Your browser is no longer supported. The gates associated with producing this signal are activated by the occurrence of any -one of seven logical conditions.


CAUTION Using the AC switches between memory steps within an instruction usually destroys information in the Accumulator necessary for the execution of the rest of the instruction To use tl various examine and deposit switches between instruction steps, simply remember what PC is and restore it before continuing. To replace, remove 4 Phillips head screws holding the heat sink in place. When the parallel enable is low the parallel inputs determine the next state of the counter synchronously with the clock.

If the block contains fewer than thirty -three words the processor simply reads the trailing blank tape as zeros. The parts list for each major assembly lists the circuit reference designator for each part, along with the manufacturer’s part number and description. Hands should be placed on the rear and under- side of the Power Supply and by the front of the console Check unit for shipping damage.

The inability to store or fetch a word from or into a selected core location is usually an indication ivlo the former while storing or fetching a word which is modified by one or two bits is an indication of the latter.

This resistor is also brought out to allow external resistance cou- pling.

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All cables assigned a part number in the Group Assembly Parts list are considered as replaceable components. The two pro- grams will detect and, in most cases, identify the cause of a malfunction.

Only strict adherence to the particulars described in each step will prevent serious damage to each machine during shipment. This section of the Console can display either the contents gd any one of the four Ac- cumulators, or display the contents of a memory location.


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By applying the input signal to an active low input, trig- gering will occur on the fa I ling edge of the waveform. Verify PC follows the pro- gram as listed in program documentation.

Turn power “ON” by setting the key to the vertical position. Static tests are performed manually at the Operator’s Console. Each AND gate has a point brought out to an external terminal.

The ivip timing is arranged such that when the required enabling signals are present simultaneously with the negative -going edge of the CPU CLK signal, the corresponding logical operation will occur. Checkerboard II Worst case memory noise test.

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Drawing shown the logic of the Ivil Control. The other end terminates in a 50 pin Cannon S connector mounted in the lower rear panel of the power supply. This requirement is perhaps the most important phase of a pre- ventive maintenance program. The documentation relative to each option is shipped as an ad- dendum to this manual when the corresponding option ifio ordered. Remove the four Allen head screws attaching the console subassembly to the main frame.

Individual program documentation provides information as to operating procedures, error interpretation, console switch settings and logical areas tested.

Technician reported on board this date at L awaiting transfer to the United States. Regulator Assembly Figure